Coconut Shell Charcoal provider for Activated Carbon production

coconut_shell_charcoal_preceptWith application areas ranging from food processing and environmental purification right up to medical usage, Activated Carbon’s utility is far reaching. With its powerful adsorption properties, Activated Carbon is spreading its presence of most industries. It is derived from carbonaceous source materials such as coconut shells.

As the basic raw material for Activated Carbon, coconut shell charcoal takes centerstage in the production of this complex yet critical component. Precept Mercantile has extensive experience as a supplier of coconut shell charcoal provider for activated carbon manufacturers in China and India.

Precept Mercantile has a vast network of collection points and processing centres spread across seven locations in Indonesia which provide a monthly export capacity of 500 MT. The company boasts of an uncompromising commitment to quality along with delivery at competitive prices.